Kiva U.S.

Helping U.S. small businesses access the first rung of the capital ladder

Small businesses are the primary employers in the United States, putting nearly 60 million Americans to work. Yet accessing small business capital, a vital component of business creation and growth, has become a near-impossible hurdle for many entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses in the United States that are typically excluded from formal financing products come to Kiva U.S. to raise 0%, no fee loans between $1,000-$15,000. With no minimum credit score and an inclusive approach to underwriting, Kiva U.S. extends access to capital to small businesses across the country.

In communities and cities where there is an expressed gap in affordable financing options, Kiva offers a plug-in microlending partnership model for small business support centers, city governments and CDFIs called the Kiva Hubs program. In more than 30 cities like Oakland, New York, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, partners are developing small business ecosystems and deepening their impact by making Kiva loans a core financing tool.

U.S. entrepreneurs and small business owners

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Kiva U.S. partners with organizations to make capital accessible to financially excluded business owners

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