Expanding financial access for refugees globally

Nearly 80 million people are displaced from their homes worldwide today, with this number expected to reach 300 million by 2030. Immediate humanitarian aid is critical for refugee communities, but economic opportunity is needed for longer-term stability. While access to financial services is critical, most refugees are financially excluded.

Our Approach

Partnering with local financial institutions to catalyze refugee lending

Despite the critical need, most financial institutions do not lend to refugees due to perceived risk.’s impact-first funding is uniquely risk tolerant, which enables our global lending partners to pilot refugee lending. With over $28 million lent to more than 30,000 displaced borrowers, we are demonstrating with our partners that refugees do repay their loans and at similar rates to non-refugees. As financial institutions see that refugee lending is not only possible, but viable, they grow their refugee client base.

Scaling lending through impact investing

As our local partners see the potential in lending to refugees, they need additional capital to scale this work. Kiva’s strong track record of pioneering lending to refugees drew interest and support from institutional impact investors, which led to the launch of the Kiva Refugee Investment Fund (KRIF), part of Kiva’s new impact-first private investment fund manager, Kiva Capital. Following a successful close at $32.5m in April 2021, KRIF is helping enable financial inclusion for refugees by mobilizing institutional capital to accelerate and scale our refugee lending while targeting impact-first returns for investors. 

Learn more about how we’re leveraging our strategies to increase investment in refugees.

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