The individuals and organizations accelerating investment in global financial inclusion.

These partnerships enable us to invest in innovation, technology, and progress toward global financial inclusion.

Strategic partnerships include financial support of our mission implementing strategies and our focus areas, as well as investment in inspiring and engaging a movement of nearly 2 million lenders. Since 2005, Kiva lenders have funded $1.4B in loans for over 3.5M borrowers. Strategic partners co-create and accelerate a sustainable model of economic development through major gifts, matching crowdfunded loans, and launching global customer and employee engagement campaigns with Kiva.

Strategic Partner Spotlight


Dell Technologies has been a Kiva partner since 2013, beginning with employee-led engagement via lending on In 2020, the partnership evolved to align Dell’s sophisticated focus on innovative impact and the launch of Kiva Protocol. WIth a combination of cash and in-kind grants, Dell is supporting expanded country implementation of Kiva Protocol and providing a suite of critical cybersecurity services to ensure best-in-class digital security for the platform.


Google has a strong, multifaceted partnership with Kiva. Google was one of the founding partners of Kiva Labs with a $3M grant to get it off the ground. Along with funding Kiva Oakland, Google has provided Kiva with monumental in-kind technology access and support. Google was also one of Kiva’s first large partners to launch an employee engagement campaign.

PayPal and Kiva have collaborated since 2005, continually deepening their partnership to empower entrepreneurs around the world. Among other types of support, PayPal provides Kiva with free payment processing, ensuring that 100% of every dollar empowers people across the globe. Through their customer and employee engagement programs, PayPal is able to inspire annually thousands of people to fund millions of dollars of loans through

The PepsiCo Foundation’s Spark The Future employee engagement efforts, loan matching to women owned businesses, Close The Crop Gap consumer engagement campaign, and other initiatives have contributed over $2.5M toward financial inclusion. When Kiva celebrated the major milestone of having funded $1 billion in loans to women, PepsiCo partnered to launch the Fuel her Future campaign, designed to encourage even greater investments in women.

Visa, a world leader in digital payments, and Visa Foundation partnered with Kiva on a $1.5 million, five-year employee engagement campaign to empower small and microbusinesses (SMBs) to thrive. Visa employees direct microloans to SMBs, amplifying Kiva’s work and helping deliver on Visa Foundation’s mission. Visa has seen record-breaking engagement rates with up to 82% global employee participation and 52,500 SMBs supported over 3 years.


Kiva and the Mastercard Foundation have partnered to test, develop, and scale high-impact loans serving the unique needs of smallholder farmers and rural populations across Africa. The Mastercard Foundation is supporting the Kiva Labs approach to push the boundaries of microcredit and deepen our commitment to impact measurement and management.

Kiva is a proud Skoll Awardee and long-term partner with the Skoll Foundation. Skoll is also a key partner for Kiva Protocol’s digital identity pilot in Sierra Leone creating a crucial pathway to formal financial inclusion for all Sierra Leone citizens. Previously, Skoll partnered with Kiva to pilot a $10M revolving credit facility financed by The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which allowed to match loans from individual donors, yielding a total of $55M in new financing for more than 120,000 new borrowers in 76 countries.

Rippleworks accelerated Kiva’s bold, ambitious efforts to build breakthrough solutions for the underserved globally with $5M in funding. Kiva Protocol is a breakthrough solution that creates a digital identity, gathers and stores an individual’s transactional information, and creates a credit history – which helps dramatically increase access to capital at reduced costs for the underserved.

Individuals + Family Foundations

Walton Family Foundation joined efforts with Kiva U.S., Startup Junkie, and Higher Purpose since 2019 with the goal to collectively deploy loan matching funds to support borrowers in Northwest Arkansas and Mississippi Delta.

The Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation has been a major loan matching partner of Kiva since 2012, expanding financial access to entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the U.S.

The Shapiro Family Foundation began its partnership with Kiva in 2019 with the launch of a $100,000 loan matching fund in support of our annual World Refugee Fund campaign on Their fund continues to support refugees and internationally displaced persons around the world.

Governments, Non-Profit Organizations,
and Others

Energy 4 Impact launched their initial loan matching fund with Kiva in 2016 to support clean energy social enterprises. Energy 4 Impact granted these funds to support Kiva’s renewable energy work in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia before setting up a second matching fund in 2019 to further support clean energy social enterprises in collaboration with UK aid.

USA for UNHCR has been one of our most impactful refugee focused funders since 2017, deploying their loan matching fund to support refugee borrowers on and providing significant grant support to help scale our refugee program focus.

Kiva was awarded catalytic capital design funding in 2020 from USAID INVEST – an initiative that mobilizes private capital for better development results – to design the Kiva Invest in Women Fund (K-IWF). Design funding allows for the creation and launch of a fund that can attract and place $100 million in capital with women entrepreneurs and gender-smart financial services providers.